Why has my pet been referred?

Medical general practitioners (GP’s) frequently refer us on to specialists who have a greater expertise in a particular area to diagnose and/or treat a specific condition. This is also true for our pets.

If your vet is concerned that your pet has a persistent or complex problem they may recommend that your pet is referred for examination and treatment by a veterinary specialist with expertise in your pet’s particular problem. Your vet will talk you through your options in seeking a veterinary referral.


What is a Veterinary Specialist?

A veterinary specialist is a veterinary surgeon who has advanced training in their field of expertise.

Before qualifying in the U.K. all vets must to undergo training in veterinary medicine and surgery for a minimum of 5 years. Post graduate qualifications can be obtained  after advanced training in a chosen field

An RCVS (Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons), European or American Diploma is the highest level of vocational qualification that is possible to achieve as a veterinary surgeon and can only be achieved after many years of training in a specific area.


How much will it cost?

Your pet’s treatment plan will be tailored to you and your pet’s needs. During your initial consultation we will give you an estimate of the likely costs of investigation and treatment for your pet. Although we will aim to be as accurate as possible this is only an estimate. The final cost can vary if there are changes to your pet’s condition or complications arise requiring further investigation or treatment.


My pet is insured – can I claim?

It is your responsibility as the pet owner and policy holder to check that your insurance policy will cover your pet’s condition. Please therefore ensure that you are fully aware of the policy cover and it’s limitations including any exclusions that may exist, the level of cover and the amount that has been used for treatment by your primary vet prior to referral, the expiry date of the policy and the excess and any co-payments

We require our fees to be settled in full by yourself however we will work with you to provide a direct claim service if  certain conditions are met, see our pet insurance claims information page.  Please advise us as early as possible if a direct claim is required. A direct claim can only be authorised by Prymak Referrals prior to treatment commencing. In some cases we may want to confirm details of the policy with your insurance company. To do this we will ask you to contact your insurance company and give them consent to discuss your policy with us.

It is important that you understand that your policy contract is between the you and the insurance company. If for any reason your insurance company declines to settle your claim, or any part of it, you remain liable for the remaining costs of treatment.

More information on this can be found in our Pet Insurance Claims – Information for Clients page.

Important information for More Than and Tesco pet insurance policy holders:

In December 2015 Royal Sun Alliance (RSA), who underwrite insurance policies held with Tesco and More Than published a list of their ‘preferred referral network’ providers. This preferred referral network is being written into all new policies and at the renewal of existing policies.

We feel that the term ‘preferred referral network’ is somewhat misleading. Practices that appear on the list have not been selected as a superior choice of referral services but represent the practices who have agreed to work with RSA on a contractual basis.

Prymak Referrals decided against joining the so called ‘preferred referral network’ as we strongly believe that pet owners seeking referral should be free to choose their own preferred referral practice based on the advice and experience of their own veterinary surgeon and their own preference.

Your pet can still be referred to centres that are not within the ‘preferred referral network’ however the policy holder will need to inform their insurance company of the decision and may be advised that they will incur an additional fee of £200 above the excess amount. Please call us to discuss how we can help. In most cases we can assist you to ensure that you are not penalised for maintaining your right to freedom of choice.



What payments do you accept?

Payment can be made by cash, cheque with a banker’s card or electronic bank transfer.

Can you examine my pet without a referral?

Yes we can however in some cases we may need to communicate with previous practices to obtain relevant clinical  history.

After referral we will provide a report regarding treatment and any long term management.


What happens if my pet needs medications?

If your pet requires any new medications we will normally dispense these to you.

Within the medical report sent to your vet we will detail all medications prescribed and advise if any medications may be required long term.  If repeat prescriptions are required these should be obtained from your veterinary surgeon. Please give your veterinary surgery several days notice if further medication is required.


Can I get a written prescription for my pet’s medications?

In line with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons professional code of conduct written prescriptions are available from Prymak Referrals.

You may obtain POM Vs (Prescription Only Medicines Category V) directly from us as prescribed from the veterinary surgeon or you may request a written prescription and obtain these medications from another veterinary surgeon or pharmacy.

A written prescription is not appropriate if your pet is an in-patient or immediate treatment is necessary.

Written prescriptions are subject to an administration fee and we cannot take responsibility for medications purchased elsewhere.