Information regarding RSA Preferred Referral Network

In December 2015 Royal Sun Alliance (RSA) published a list of their preferred referral network for insurance policies held with Tesco and More Than. This preferred referral network is being written into all new policies and at the renewal of existing policies.

It is important that you are aware of the implications of this recent change.

Practices that appear on the list have not been selected as a superior choice of referral services but represent the practices who have agreed to work with RSA on a contractual basis.

Clients with pets insured with Tesco and More Than can still be referred to centres that are not within the ‘preferred referral network’ however the policy holder will need to inform their insurance company of the decision and are likely to incur an additional fee of £200 above their excess amount.

Prymak referrals have chosen not to be included in the RSA preferred referral network. We feel that this development will restrict the choice of both the client and the independent veterinary surgeon. We strongly believe that pet owners seeking referral should be free to choose their own preferred specialist based on the advice and experience of their own veterinary surgeon and their own preference.

If you wish to refer a case to us but are concerned that your client will receive this £200 levy from RSA please contact us to discuss how we can help. In most cases we can assist your client to ensure that they are not penalised for maintaining their freedom of choice.

We hope this clarifies the current situation however please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

We have joined forces with several other referral centres to campaign against RSA’s “preferred referral network”. More information can be found on the Vets For Choice webpage and social media pages: Facebook & Twitter

A petition has been set up to call on RSA to reconsider the move and to stop putting insurance profits before pet care. The petition can be signed here.