New Build


Building Design

Development has started with the demolition of the Canterbury Public House.

We will post updates as the site progresses.


The story so far:

Derelict Building: September 2015

The site on Darby Green Road, Camberley, previously accommodated a public house known as The Greyhound. In 1984 it was renamed The Spennys and then underwent major renovation becoming Canterburys. In 2008 it closed.

Planning permission was granted for the demolition of the public house in August 2015 and the construction of a two storey veterinary facility.

Demolition: November 2015







So What Has Happened Since November 2015?

We have been seeking fair funding so that we can control current and future costs and thereby provide specialist veterinary services at a fair price. We have experienced significant difficulties and subsequent delays with this principle. We are determined to maintain this principle and provide an independent, state of the art veterinary facility for the local community and surrounding areas. We are currently in negotiations with an ethical bank, but we are open to alternative funding.