Vets For Choice in the Press

The Vets for Choice campaign has been featured in a number of publications as well as being discussed on BBC Radio 4! Here are just some of them:

Pets Mag, 31st March 2016 – Vets Slam Leading Player In Pet Insurance Market Over Reduced Choice

Daily Mail, 30th March 2016 – Pet insurers to charge us £200 for using ‘wrong’ vet: MoreThan and Tesco deals limit families to 28 approved centres in order to cut costs 

MRCVS Online, 31st March 2016 – RSA ‘are putting profits before pets,’ leading vets warn

Your Cat, 1st April 2016 – Vets criticise RSA’s decision to limit choice for pet owners

U.K. Parliament, 25th April 2016 – Early day motion 1401

Insurance Business , 4th May 2016 – Vet coalition blasts RSA for ‘putting profits before pets’

Daily Express, 27th May 2016 – Insurers could charge YOU hundreds for taking your pet to the ‘WRONG’ vet

Andrew Gwynne MP, 29th May 2016 – PET INSURANCE CHANGES: Gwynne expresses concern

Pet Care, 16th August 2016 – Vet victory in fight for pet owner choice

VN Online, 17th August 2016 – Major retailer declines to charge £200 RSA fee

Actuarial Post, August 2016 – Major company rejects penalty on contentious insurance model